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After receiving one of these beautifully illustrated cards in the post I was instantly mesmerized by the detail, originality and the way the colours are used.  I love the simple idea of taking a bird, that we would see everyday and matching its personality with a hat , each one seems to suit its chosen style so well there’s everything from chicks in easter bonnets,  pheasants in flat caps and vultures in safari hats. 

The blog which is definitely worth a visit, is kept up to date with posts of new drawings and prints that are available on the Etsy shop, along with the new Christmas designs and a calendar – which I think I’ll be ordering!


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I love these bird sculptures!! They remind me of the work of Abigail brown I blogged about last  summer!

My favourite is the pigeon! My mum was lucky enough to see them in the flesh at a local art exhibition recently along with some work of Mark Hearld, who also does some beautiful animal art pieces, including lots of pigeons!

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Rob Ryan Bunting

I love Rob Ryan’s work – when I saw this bunting, I knew it was a must on my wish list!

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I found these amazing little fabric animals while browsing the internet the other day, they are made by Abigail Brown. I love the fact she creates lots of birds and describes them as an inspiration to her.

“My work with birds evolved perhaps because not only are they one of the most beautiful of creatures, so precious, so fragile and yet so animated and so positively bursting with life, but also because they are the most accessible to me.
Merrily they chirp in the dawn, delighting me with their happy tunes. They are simply so enchanting to watch as they hop, skip, swoop and dance their way through the day, twisting and turning with such quizzical looks. “

Abigail Brown

I love her website as it has loads of beautiful pictures of her work, she even makes brooches of butterflies which I really like.

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Dove of Peace print


Today My Mum and I,  visited the Pablo Picasso– Peace and Freedom Exhibition, that’s currently on at Tate Liverpool.

It’s an amazing exhibition, with some really beautiful pieces of art on show, particularly his birds paintings and ceramics, which is what I went to see. Picasso was particularly fond of pigeons and doves, and drew them regularly.

We love pigeons too!! I know not many people do, but I think they are amazing birds, all so different and unique, so it was amazing to see such rare and beautiful drawings. 

We also visited the Walker Art Gallery, to see the Toulouse-Lautrec- High Kicks and Low Life exhibition, which is free to have a look round. The exhibition contains his drawings of famous dancers from the night clubs of Paris and of course his Moulin Rouge posters, which were my favourite!

We did’nt have much time for shopping unfortunately, made it to one vintage shop though, called Pop Boutique which is located on Whitechapel Street, it was only a brief visit though! As well as one off pieces, It stocks it’s own label called Pop and has some rather nice dresses,  I saw some tempting pieces!! But I did well and managed to resist!!

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