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You don’t mind loosing an hour of sleep when you wake up to finally see some sunshine! It’s what you want to see on Easter Sunday, hopefully Spring is here to stay!

It’s always been tradition that we have an Easter tree every year, complete with willow, daffodils and paper decorations that we’ve collected over the years. My favourite decorations are the wooden eggs and birds, that we’ve had for as long as I can remember, along with the newest addition from the Gisela Graham Easter range. Easter baking is always a must too, using the freshest eggs possible! Our chickens definitely appreciated the spring sunshine!

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stationary copy

1.  Paris Travel Journal –  £11.50

2. Mini Paris Envelopes –  $3.00

3. Cavallini Paris notebook – £8.99

4. Papaya Art Owl Spiral notebook – £10.50

5. Caroline Gardner ditsy pattern notebook – £7.50

I know I’m not alone when I say I love stationery, I mean I’d probably go as far as to say I collect it! Especially notebooks, that’s my weakness! Everything from Paperchase patterns to quirky gift shop and independent shop finds, I love the stuff – Whenever I spot an Eiffel tower on the cover, that’s always a must buy! I currently have a shelf of notebooks, sitting there unused – I don’t want to use them though, it’s almost like if I started to write in them I’d ruin them! My current favourite brand is L’Apres midi, all the french themed items, my favourite piece is the diary. That’s next on my wishlist!

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I do love a good cooking programme – I’m secretly addicted to the food network channel and of course who doesnt love a bit of ‘Come Dine with Me’ but my most recent love is ‘The Little Paris Kitchen’ . I’m seriously having withdrawal symptoms and I really need a second series, 6 episodes just wasn’t enough ( there’s only so many times you can watch them on repeat on iplayer!)

Rachel Khoo gave up everything she had and moved her life to Paris to train at le cordon bleu, eventually opening her own restaurant in her tiny apartment even though she couldn’t even speak fluent French!

The series follows her around Paris showing her favourite places to visit and buy her ingredients from, I really liked how the series was filmed seeing her everyday life and I particulary liked her outfits, she has true parisian style!!! The words ‘effortless chic’ spring to mind – something I really wish I could achieve with my own outfits, Ms khoo does it so well!! The book which complements the series is packed full of the featured recipes, which show off her quirky take on french cooking, I couldn’t wait to try out the madelines recipe with the lemon curd filled raspberries.

So for the time being until she returns to our screens, I will have to make do with ‘The Little paris Kitchen’ book and try and bring some Parisian chic to my own baking!

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Last summer I visited the south of France, where I found this amazing shop that sold loads of lovely items, lots of unique toys for children, postcards, notebooks, toiletries…. the list goes on, it really was an Aladdin’s cave!!! This was how I discovered this website, I bought lots of cards and searched for the name of the artist on the internet and found this website that sells more a less the same things, the first pictures are of badges and the second lot are fridge magnets, which they name ‘fridge Jewels’ !!!

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I have been drooling over this vintage Alice in Wonderland Watch for what seems like months!! Its has been stored in my watch list ever since I layed eyes on it,and because I had no money it stayed there : (

But on Valentines Day this is what I opened from my lovely boyfriend!!! It’s as beautiful as I hoped it would be!! I love the fact that her arms are what tells the time, and the fact you have to wind it up each day! (But I do forget because I’m not used to it!!!)

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