After receiving one of these beautifully illustrated cards in the post I was instantly mesmerized by the detail, originality and the way the colours are used.  I love the simple idea of taking a bird, that we would see everyday and matching its personality with a hat , each one seems to suit its chosen style so well there’s everything from chicks in easter bonnets,  pheasants in flat caps and vultures in safari hats. 

The blog which is definitely worth a visit, is kept up to date with posts of new drawings and prints that are available on the Etsy shop, along with the new Christmas designs and a calendar – which I think I’ll be ordering!


Animal Jumpers

The cold weather is back and I’m very pleased to see the animal trend return with it, although it never really goes out of fashion! I love anything with an animal print, pattern or motif so its great to see all of the new furry friends that are available. These are my favourites, I love how much detail there is on each of the individual animals – I want them all!

1. Fox Jumper – Aubin and Wills

2.Racoon Jumper – Lacoste

3. Fox Jumper – Hobbs

4. Pheasant Jumper – Jack Wills

5. Stag Jumper – Joules

6. Horse Jumper – Warehouse


There’s not many places nowadays where you can get a decent drink and cake, where your surrounded in beautiful decor and you can just basically switch off from the busy hustle and bustle of everyday life. Especially in a busy place like York, the latter is the hardest to find, with so many chain cafes popping up it’s getting harder to find a place with a bit of character. Don’t get me wrong I do love a good Starbucks, but sometimes you just want something a little bit different! Wandering down the Shambles the other day, I found the answer to all my needs –The Flax and Twine Cafe – It’s one of those places that you want to keep as a secret from the rest of the world but at the same time shout about it from the rooftops!

From the moment you walk in you know you are in for something special and are treated to a real feast for the eyes! You quite literally dont know where to look! Every surface is filled with quirky trinkets, and vintage finds – with everything from cupcake cases to beautiful lampshades and ribbons. The lovely  cafe upstairs offers lots of treats – and if your lucky enough you can get a seat by the window to watch the world go by. For the creative types they also offer crafty workshops – the next one being make your own vintage purse, more details on their website.

I look forward to my next visit – I know I won’t be staying away for long!

1. My new thing (or should I say old) I have started to collect is vintage tapestry bags….. I’ve had a couple for a while but it really seems to be my obsession right now! I’ve started looking for different styles, colours, patterns and shapes – the more individual the better! I’ve found Etsy is a great place to find them, and some quite unusual ones too….. like the one pictured the blue background with the bright red strawberries and little white flowers  – it’s a work of art!!!

2. I’m a big fan of stripes,  love the traditional blue and white combo, but I thought that the pink added in on this one gave it a nice little twist…. currently on sale

3. Carrying on from the stripe theme, I love a good nautical item! They go hand in hand! I love the bright red colour of this dress, but its the collar that I really admire on it. I really think a collar can make an item of clothing,really help to lift it or add a bit of interest,  if its wrong it can just ruin it! A nautical inspired collar, peter pan or a lacey number, is the perfect addition

4. I love Hobbs NW3 items! I think the jewellery items are lovely, and this belt would also be a must have item for me – I love the simpleness of it, it comes in the design of owls or a fox, perfect with a white dress

I do love a good cooking programme – I’m secretly addicted to the food network channel and of course who doesnt love a bit of ‘Come Dine with Me’ but my most recent love is ‘The Little Paris Kitchen’ . I’m seriously having withdrawal symptoms and I really need a second series, 6 episodes just wasn’t enough ( there’s only so many times you can watch them on repeat on iplayer!)

Rachel Khoo gave up everything she had and moved her life to Paris to train at le cordon bleu, eventually opening her own restaurant in her tiny apartment even though she couldn’t even speak fluent French!

The series follows her around Paris showing her favourite places to visit and buy her ingredients from, I really liked how the series was filmed seeing her everyday life and I particulary liked her outfits, she has true parisian style!!! The words ‘effortless chic’ spring to mind – something I really wish I could achieve with my own outfits, Ms khoo does it so well!! The book which complements the series is packed full of the featured recipes, which show off her quirky take on french cooking, I couldn’t wait to try out the madelines recipe with the lemon curd filled raspberries.

So for the time being until she returns to our screens, I will have to make do with ‘The Little paris Kitchen’ book and try and bring some Parisian chic to my own baking!