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I love both these items of clothing! The military dress is from Urban Outfitters, I’d been waiting for it to go in the sale since I saw it on my Liverpool visit. I’d been searching for a dress like this for quite a while so I’m glad I’ve managed to find one.

The blazer is from my local antiques centre and cost £15, it’s great for summer because it’s quite a lightweight fabric so is easy to to carry round if out and about. I love it because of it’s colour, pattern and style.

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Vintage Satin Collar – £12


Vintage Leopard Print Clutch Bag- £10


Vintage Lace Gloves

I found this beautiful vintage collar in my local Antiques centre, its handmade from satin and has a embroidered pattern, with fake pearl beads sewn on. It’s pretty much perfect except for a couple of marks and was £12. I love it how when it’s around your neck it looks like a butterfly.

The leopard print clutch bag I found at a vintage fair for £10, I couldn’t decide if it looks a little bit tacky or not, so I’m yet to use it! But I do love a bit of leopard print, and I suppose it’s what you wear it with really.

The lace gloves my mum found in a local charity shop, she passed them on to me, as I seem to be building a collection of them!

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