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This was one of the little boutiques I found in Lincoln, Forty Four. It’s full of all sorts of gifts, stationary ands cards. I wanted to buy everything! I purchased the above items, which included a silver fox cub brooch which came in a little box all tied up with ribbon, a card with a black cat on and a Paris rubber stamp set. They have a little website that you can look at everything they sell.

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Vintage shops in Sheffield

Table in Bang Bang vintage shop

On a hot sunny day we randomly found ourselves in Sheffield city centre and with a bit of help from my boyfriend and his iphone, managed to track down a whole lot of vintage shops! The back streets along West Street are clearly the place for vintage shoppers!

Our first stop was Bang Bang, brightly painted blue and of a decent size, it stocks both men’s and women’s clothing and large amount of accessories including necklaces and bags. It’s decorated really brightly and was great to shop in as everything was clearly laid out and priced.

Next on the list was a shop named Flock Boutique, which was located in a ‘mini mall’ called ‘The Common Room’ which was home to a few independent boutiques, all worth having a look around. There were three vintage style shops within the common room, and they all seemed to stock some reworked items, either recycled or new designs.

We next found an Antique shop, just called ‘Antique’ stocking an amazing selection of brooches, gem necklaces and gold necklaces. It all looked amazing together! You’ll need to spend a long time in here if you’re a jewellery fan!

Next we stumbled upon a massive vintage shop, ‘Cow’ which appears to be a chain of stores, as there are also stores in Manchester, Nottingham and Birmingham. This one in Sheffield has two floors, and is all neatly colour co-ordinated so it’s easy to find items if your after something specific, and it’s all reasonably priced. There’s a big men’s section downstairs, stocking shirts, jeans, jackets and boots. More ladies items were upstairs; including a sale room, where everything was £3 or 4 items for £10, this room was great to rummage in (see the pic above)!

We also stumbled upon another large vintage shop, down West Street, which seemed to have just been opening as there was a lot of building work and no shop name?? But everything had a set price, dresses for £10, Levis for £10, jackets for £20….seemed like another store that would be good to rummage in.

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Paper Tiger Edinburgh Red Door Gallery Edinburgh Supa Kuru Edinburgh

Further to the post on Vintage shops I also visited some really great little boutiques in Edinburgh.

The Red Door Gallery

Sells independent artist designs, including prints, jewellery, cards, purses and bags

Paper tiger

Sells cards, craft items, books

The Cats Miaou

Sells cards, baby clothes, notebooks and fairtrade items

Supa kuru

Good place for cards, stationery, gifts and wrapping paper


Brightly coloured shop stocking jewellery, purses, bags; good for gifts

I think I bought a little something from almost everyone of these boutiques!

I’d be pushed to choose a favourite, I’d have to narrow it down to two, those being the red door gallery and paper tiger.

Red door gallery features work from independent and emerging artists. There’s a great selection of cards,

and loads of quirky things such as bags, brooches, jewellery and prints. I spent ages in there looking,

and it’s only a small shop!

Paper Tiger, is mainly full of really cool designed cards!! I seemed to be obsessed with buying cards on this visit!

There’s also some crafting bits and bobs, beautiful notebooks, arty books and postcards.

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