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Every new years day there is a local Antiques fair where live, so we always head down to see if there are any vintage finds. In fact there was a really good vintage stall that I’ve never seen before, they had a good selection of dresses and coats, and they also made vintage style hats.

There were lots of beautiful pieces of jewellery, pictured are the brooches I picked up, all for £2 each. There were also lots of lovely necklaces and perfume bottles. I was actually looking for a compact, which there were loads of, but there just was’nt the right one, so the search continues.


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This was one of the little boutiques I found in Lincoln, Forty Four. It’s full of all sorts of gifts, stationary ands cards. I wanted to buy everything! I purchased the above items, which included a silver fox cub brooch which came in a little box all tied up with ribbon, a card with a black cat on and a Paris rubber stamp set. They have a little website that you can look at everything they sell.

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