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1. My new thing (or should I say old) I have started to collect is vintage tapestry bags….. I’ve had a couple for a while but it really seems to be my obsession right now! I’ve started looking for different styles, colours, patterns and shapes – the more individual the better! I’ve found Etsy is a great place to find them, and some quite unusual ones too….. like the one pictured the blue background with the bright red strawberries and little white flowers  – it’s a work of art!!!

2. I’m a big fan of stripes,  love the traditional blue and white combo, but I thought that the pink added in on this one gave it a nice little twist…. currently on sale

3. Carrying on from the stripe theme, I love a good nautical item! They go hand in hand! I love the bright red colour of this dress, but its the collar that I really admire on it. I really think a collar can make an item of clothing,really help to lift it or add a bit of interest,  if its wrong it can just ruin it! A nautical inspired collar, peter pan or a lacey number, is the perfect addition

4. I love Hobbs NW3 items! I think the jewellery items are lovely, and this belt would also be a must have item for me – I love the simpleness of it, it comes in the design of owls or a fox, perfect with a white dress

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