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Haworth is fast becoming one of my favourite places to be, having spent a couple of weekends there recently.

Im in love with the steam train that transports you to this amazing cobbled street village, and how there’s something new to see each time I’m there.

Im in love with the cute little shops and the amazing pottery cafe – Cobbles and Clay, where all the staff wear brightly coloured aprons and the best hazelnut latte ever is made, in fact just the best cup of coffee!!

I’m also fast discovering that there are a couple of local cats who seem to be known by all, and enjoy and a good laze around in various places in the village, including Oscar pictured above who enjoyed sharing a sandwich, and the lovely black and white cat who was sunning himself in the door way of Daisy Days

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This was one of the little boutiques I found in Lincoln, Forty Four. It’s full of all sorts of gifts, stationary ands cards. I wanted to buy everything! I purchased the above items, which included a silver fox cub brooch which came in a little box all tied up with ribbon, a card with a black cat on and a Paris rubber stamp set. They have a little website that you can look at everything they sell.

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