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The cold weather is back and I’m very pleased to see the animal trend return with it, although it never really goes out of fashion! I love anything with an animal print, pattern or motif so its great to see all of the new furry friends that are available. These are my favourites, I love how much detail there is on each of the individual animals – I want them all!

1. Fox Jumper – Aubin and Wills

2.Racoon Jumper – Lacoste

3. Fox Jumper – Hobbs

4. Pheasant Jumper – Jack Wills

5. Stag Jumper – Joules

6. Horse Jumper – Warehouse



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1. My new thing (or should I say old) I have started to collect is vintage tapestry bags….. I’ve had a couple for a while but it really seems to be my obsession right now! I’ve started looking for different styles, colours, patterns and shapes – the more individual the better! I’ve found Etsy is a great place to find them, and some quite unusual ones too….. like the one pictured the blue background with the bright red strawberries and little white flowers  – it’s a work of art!!!

2. I’m a big fan of stripes,  love the traditional blue and white combo, but I thought that the pink added in on this one gave it a nice little twist…. currently on sale

3. Carrying on from the stripe theme, I love a good nautical item! They go hand in hand! I love the bright red colour of this dress, but its the collar that I really admire on it. I really think a collar can make an item of clothing,really help to lift it or add a bit of interest,  if its wrong it can just ruin it! A nautical inspired collar, peter pan or a lacey number, is the perfect addition

4. I love Hobbs NW3 items! I think the jewellery items are lovely, and this belt would also be a must have item for me – I love the simpleness of it, it comes in the design of owls or a fox, perfect with a white dress

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Addicted to knitwear


Well the title says it all! I recently have become completely obsessed and addicted to knitwear! I’ve always loved a bit of  fair isle print and the Norwegian print cardigans that I see at vintage fairs and at the start of the winter I was determined to get one of the Norwegian cardigans with the silver ornate clasps up the front. So the hunt began, and now I have ended up with not one but four clasp cardigans!!!! ( This has also opened my eyes up to the world of jumpers and waistcoats!!!) Eeeekkkkk!! Yes I know, this may seem excessive but you can’t go wrong with a jumper, you always need one this time of year! The jumpers pictured are my recent additions from last weekend, bought from my new favourite vintage Stall ‘Jumpagain’ which is run by a lovely family from Edinburgh. I first came across them at Judy’s affordable vintage fair in Durham, and instantly fell in love with all things knitted. I thought what a good idea to just sell jumpers as they look amazing all displayed together! I kept going back to rummage through the rails with all of the knits good quality and lots of quirky and unusual ones! Pictured are the 4 jumpers I bought( over two weekends I might add, not all at once!) I’m in love with them all!  The colours used are all so different to most knitwear you see, and I particularly like the length of the black cardigan, as I’ve never seen one of this length before, its lovely to wear and I don’t really like to take it off!! I would say that’s my favourite item….. but I love anything with a cherry pattern on, It’s so cute!!

I’m so happy with all my Jumpagain purchases, I can’t wait to see them again at another fair!

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1. Joules Pheasant Jumper £69.95 -I love this jumper!!! In fact I’ve had this since before Christmas, but the pheasant on it is so cute it deserves a feature as it’s now a best seller on the website!

2. Accessorize Ivy League Satchel £30 – My favourite bag is easily a satchel, I normally like a brown coloured one, but I’m drawn to this reddy/burgandy one for a bit of a change

3. Zara Peter Pan Collar Dress £35.99 – Anything with a peter pan collar is an instant hit with me

4. NW3 Honey Bee Earring £29.00 – I really love the jewellery from Hobbs, this season features bees, mice and cats.

5.Office Black Velvet Shoes £50 – On the quest for new work shoes, I fell in love with these and another pair, but I think these win purely on the fact that they are made of velvet and have a cute bow

6. Joy – Louche Lea Jacquard cardigan £45 – I love the colours and the pattern on this cardigan

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Awwwwwww big style crush for Zooey Deschanel right now, with her new programme on tv right now it makes Friday nights worth staying in for, just to see what she’s wearing.

I love the quirky vintage style she has  going on, and gorgeous wavy hair to match – the way she puts clothes together whether its casual or dressed up.

 At her most recent award show the Golden globes, her nails were amazing painted like mini tuxedos!!


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