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Here is what I’m lusting after for the Autumn season!!

1. Sugarhill Boutique Green Stag Sweat – I love love love this Jumper!! Animal motifs seem to be around on a lot of clothes this season, Ark seems to have quite a few including this Stag one, theres also some deer print ones too. I particulary like the colour of this.

2. Rob Ryan Birds Wash Bag – I love Rob Ryan and where better to keep my make up then in this cute washbag! See more at

3. Orla Kiely Multi Flower Check Birdcage Umbrella– I’ve been in search of a nice looking ‘dome’ umbrella for quite a while, it’s probably the best way to keep dry as you can pull it right down over your head, good to protect my hair!!

4. Glamorous Burgundy Zip Pocket Dress – I like the style and the colour of this dress, I think it could be quite easily dressed up or down

5. Vila Green Nouvelle Knitted Cardigan – Once again the colour green!! Coming into Autumn I’m on the search for knitted cardigans and jumpers, I like the belt feature on this one

6. Owl Cushion – I’ve seen these around loads, but I really want one to sit on my bed!

7. Kimchi & Blue Burgundy Velvet T-Bar Shoes – These are so cute!! I love the colour and they are made of velvet,which is always a plus!!


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I’m currently trying to save up some money- I’ve done really well for the last two months, but had a few accidents since my last payday!! Im waiting on a couple of dresses from Topshop ( not really a Topshop fan but loving some of the recent dresses they have) a necklace from Urban Outifitters and a vintage Jacket from ASOS market place. Im lusting after all these things from ASOS, there’s no particular style theme to any of these, just loved all of them!!

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My beautiful Urban Outfitters shoes arrived!

They are even more amazing than in the photos, and they are so comfy, I don’t want to wear them right now because I don’t want them to get mucky in all this rain we’ve suddenly been having, I’ll have to wait for the sunshine to come back.

Also pictured is my new Urban Outfitters Lilac dress which I’ve loved for ages, and was very excited to see it go in the sale for £21 from £48, a bargain! It’s like a fairytale dress.

 And finally pictured is my beautiful Lace Anthropologie dress, (which is my new favourite website to browse.)  The neckline is my favourite part of the dress; it has little gold studs all sewn round it.  I’m loving lace dresses at the moment, I can’t get enough of buying white lace tops and dresses! I’m constantly searching for them!

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 I’m not really someone who enjoys shoe shopping; in fact I really hate it! I can never find any shoes that are comfortable, I can’t walk in heels but I need to learn being only 5 foot and I find flat shoes really hard on my feet, I just can’t seem to find the right height of heel. Plus I don’t like to wear leather or suede shoes so that gives me another issue to think about! I always end up buying cheap shoes because a lot of the time they aren’t leather, but they have rubbish soles on them, so I always end up slipping if it rains!

I’ve lived for what feels like a year during the bad weather in a pair of fake suede brown boots, they came for a charity shop and were brand new with tags, for £6! (Plus they had good soles, so there was no slipping in the ice) They were so comfortable that I’ve had difficulty saying goodbye to them during this hot weather.

So I never really get excited about shoes, although I have wanted a brogue style pair of shoes for quite a while, and have been searching for some non-leather versions all over the internet, I have finally narrowed down my search to these three pairs, I can’t decide which is my favourite pair, I may end up buying them all, as it’s rare when I like shoes!

The urban outfitters floral pair is already on their way to me, as I saw these on my Liverpool visit but they only had size 7, and they didn’t have my size in stock in store or online. They’ve only just come back in stock, so I needed to buy them!

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I love both these items of clothing! The military dress is from Urban Outfitters, I’d been waiting for it to go in the sale since I saw it on my Liverpool visit. I’d been searching for a dress like this for quite a while so I’m glad I’ve managed to find one.

The blazer is from my local antiques centre and cost £15, it’s great for summer because it’s quite a lightweight fabric so is easy to to carry round if out and about. I love it because of it’s colour, pattern and style.

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